Sunday, February 18, 2007

Still VERY naughty at


Had a brilliant birthday. So spoilt - lovely. Lots of yummy gifties - even though M had paid for our break at CenterParcs and bought me a new iPod, he hid little envelopes with clues for me to find until I had a £1 for every year of my life - each one was wrapped in a star with a special message for me. He also took me out to lunch and bought me a wonderful pendant and book that I wanted. J saved his pocket money and made me a voucher to buy two album downloads on iTunes - he made me a card from the animals as well. I had a lovely time wandering around the lanes, browsing and shopping, treated myself to some yummy perfume and body lotion - got some fudge from Roleys and just had fun.

I came home to a lurverly birthday cake with loads of candles.

Suemoon sent me choccie and sheepies.

M's older sister did me a posh dinner party - yummy!!

Z & co got me a knitting yarn voucher from my local LYS and a new camping toaster cos our one is useless - I almost cried with laughter when I open it - for me it was the funniest pressie of the day.

Ma gave me yarn money - hence previous yarn porn. M also had given yarn spending abilities.

We were jolly, tipsy and ............well you know - it rounded off the day to a high score of beyond excellent!

If this is what 40 means - then bring it on!!!


Allie said...

Happy birthday! Glad you had so much fun.

yuvee said...

Happy birthday!! Sounds like you had a blast ;)

Mtwelovett said...

So glad it was a good birthday! Hope you have many more like it.