Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Conkers McBonkers!

"Take that f*****g camera out of my face women or I'll bite your frickin nose off!"

Actually he was yawning after a long, long kip hidden in his box with the feather duster of desire. He looks fierce though.

Last week got away from me a bit - I did loads, achieved little, blinked and it was gone. This week might be going the same way.

Today someone has stolen outside. I am in the little cream house on the hill wrapped in a blankie of thick fog. All sound is muffled and even the house is quiet. J is reading, M is at work, Ma has gone on a mystery tour (mystery is how soon they get lost in this fog!), cats and dogs are kipping and it is QUIET! Scary! I love quiet and get so little of it that it has great novelty value.

I did some knitting, finished one mitten of the pirate pattern - adapted to suit my needs - finger freedom etc. Must cast on for the second one but have found I don't like dpns for Fair Isle stylie knitting - circs are so much better, so am giving my hands a dpn break for a couple of days. Mind you, found Trillians sock pattern on her blog http://katydidknits.blogspot.com
pattern pdf in side bar - Jack Sparrows Fav Socks - (can't get the hang of linking using url - it never works for me), anyhoo, this pattern is excellent and has queue jumped my 'to do' list - yay!

Have loads of stuff to get on with - but can't be asked to do any of it. So what's new?

J has been busy too. We signed up for a free trial of a kids educational site - he loves it. He's absorbing so much stuff, loving all the quizzes and activities. He's also well into reading at the moment, whenever I see him he has his nose in a book - both fact and fiction - no harm in that. What with skateboarding every spare minute, swimming as often as he can and general charging about - I have to ask - did I ever have that much energy? Must have - want it back!

Now really should shift my arspect and get on.....don't wanna....but *sigh* needs must and the boy wants the computer. Time for chores, soup making, no dog walking in this weather though - she's old and achy and her joints don't like the damp. Perhaps an indoors day - maybe some knitting time later?


Trillian42 said...

I love yawning fake vicious kitty pictures!!

Glad you like the sock pattern! When you make them, please send me a pic - I want to do a gallery of them at some point.

Marie said...

Hee! He looks a bit like he was just conked on the head by the edge of the box. :) Love those fangs!


Thanks for alerting me to those socks, they look like something I should be making for a certain man person.

Sarah said...

Heeee! He does look mean!

But alas, a yawn.

I love the Pirates hat!

Tres Cool.