Sunday, September 30, 2007

Fair Isle Adventures.

A week ago today M and I drove to Scotland. We were heading to Fair Isle to stay with Angela, Darren and their family at Burkle On route we stopped with the fibrealicous Fee whose folks made us so welcome in their wonderful home (a big thank you to them - especially for the route map).

Monday we continued up to Aberdeen. We went across the Forth Road Bridge - an amazing experience in itself.

Caught our flights from Aberdeen to Sumburgh (I still don't like flying overmuch) no problems........but Angela had let us know that there were NO flights to Fair Isle that day so they were holding the ferry to Fair Isle for us at the pier........this is where the adventure bit begins.

There is a picture further down of the ferry - The Good Shepherd IV - she's a great boat, but, oh boy does she wallow!!!! Lucky for me I'd taken travel sickness pills - if I hadn't I would have heaved the whole 2 and half hours. I slept most of the way, bracing my legs as a slept, the little voice in my head counting the minutes. The crew were great - very friendly - as a first welcome to the folk on Fair Isle it was promising.
We got there in one piece - a bit wobbly...........was it worth it? YES! It is so beautiful, wild, open, exposed - I could wax lyrical for a good while. M and I spent ages just looking a the view from Angela's lounge windows - we couldn't take our eyes off it.
We had a great time - good hosts, good food, M even cooked one night - comfy beds and a warm welcome from all those we met. We explored with the help of Darren and his go-anywhere van. They answered our never ending stream of questions. The kids were happy and full of beans from morning to night. M fell in love with the pigs (joke - kind of)
Would we go back? Yes - tomorrow - ok with you?

The time passed so quickly - we didn't see half of what we intended (it didn't help that I developed a hacking cough/cold - which passed fairly quickly but on Wednesday it made me feel like shit!). We were meant to stay til Friday but weather/travel can be unpredictable so we left a day early...............

Further adventures follow.

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glittrgirl said...

Looks and sounds fabberlous.