Tuesday, September 11, 2007


1) Thank you to everyone who has been so kind to me whilst I have been off walking my black dog in a blue fug. I really do appreciate it so much.

2) Things got worse before they got better - Saturday actually started to see improvement for us all. I am climbing out of my pit - a few inches each day. I walked in the woods, picked blackberries and talked to people I love and they have been there for me. Thank you to you as well - you know who you are.

3) Maggie from http://liverpool-leftovers.blogspot.com/ sent me a kind email which has replenished my faith in blogging, so I have resolved to blog again but on a more sporadic basis. I have also elected to moderate comments. I hate taking this step - I value honest opinions - but not from anon commenter's who are too bigger cowards to put their money where their months are.

4) Very little knitting to report - lots of unfinished stuff I need to settle down to. I have been restless. Lots of spinning though - as per yesterdays post - there has been other spinning too - I'll put up pictures later.

5) Glittr at http://www.glittyknittykitty.co.uk/ sent me a giftie, a book called 'Subversive Cross Stitch'. Now if I'm honest I'm not a fan of cross stitch.....my Big Sis is brilliant at, really talented (huh she reads my blog occasionally ;-) ) but seriously she's GOOD. But this little book tickled me (thanks glittr) I've completed one am working on 2nd....again picture to follow.

6) I pissed off my spinning SP - major time (I think) with my last post - sorry and all that - just being honest, but the fibre she sent was/is lovely. I have spun loads of it with excellent results and I am truly grateful she sent a 2nd parcel so full of fibre-fun and I'm also sorry that she was so ill during the round. Peace my friend.

7) We're going to Fair Isle for almost a week will see the fantabulous Angela http://fairislefibres.blogspot.com/ all of you who know 'why' we are going, please keep every thing crossed for us. Thank you.

8) Family are well. Loobles is getting so old and smelly - but she's still wagging. Conkers is having fun kitty-ma-fying every lone spider who ambles into the house, Tiny moulted - one big hairy spider. J is working so hard at his home school - it's like someone swapped kids on me. It's as if a 100 pennies all dropped at once, very gratifying. M's new meds have increased his depleted potassium levels and he says that he almost feels normal again. Ma and Sis (and her hubby) have been very supportive.........thanks for letting me rant, rant and rant some more!

That's it. Up todate. Still not going be online too much but .......it's good to feel well enough to be back.


Anonymous said...

Good luck with you know what ;)


gourdongirl said...

So glad things are looking up and hope all goes well "Up North". Say Hi to angela from me!