Tuesday, September 11, 2007


snakespun 009
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Sp sent this. She said this was her 1st complete fibre and dyed by herself - Watermelon. Navajo plied. Destined of mittens I think. Fibre is Corriedale Pencil Roving.

Pottery courtesy of M. Snake is Raku fired. Balls are hand carved, biscuit fired then glazed fired in a conventional kiln.


Jo said...

Flipping fabulous to see you blogging, you can moderate me as much as you want,you know you want to,tee hee, pretty fibre, you had some great gifts.I have missed seeing what you're upto, but it's good to have a break,and take stock and proe to the rest of us just how much we miss you!! xxx

DeltaDawn said...

Oooooh - M is a potter? I am too - lovelovelove raku! And the balls - so very pretty.

Now I wanna know the secret reason for your trip!