Wednesday, September 19, 2007

An Ode (in the style of Father William)

"You're not old Father Michael" the boy brat said "and yet your head is quite bald?"
"It's being married to your Muvver for the last 20 years and learning to do as I'm told!"

"So was it Mum's constant nagging that made your locks fall out?" Persisted the small whiny child.
"Most likely" replied the brow beaten bloke "she'd drive anyone insane and wild!"

"20 years" said the boy "is a very long time. Did marrying Mum make you happy?"
"Hurumph!!" Said his Father "I'll not answer that in case it makes her more crabby."

Said the boy with persistence "But I need to know. Did your love remain fervent and true?"
His Dad rolled his eyes with mild surprise and replied "Do you know - I haven't a clue."

The Father called to his wife of long years "Is our love, Dear, still fervent and true?"
The silence did echo as his wife didn't answer...............................................................
(Well what would you do?)
But at last a mumble came through....."I'll answer that 'Yes' dear because I'd still say 'I do'."

The wife and the husband smiled at each other as each remembered plighting their troth.
20 years on, one chubby, one bald and one small annoying boy growth!


SiressYorkie said...

*clap clap clap clap*

Well done! What a great realistic tribute to marriage.

Annie said...

Happy Anniversary.
Great poem, really made me chuckle.