Thursday, August 27, 2009

Climb on board, climb on board...

for the Double Deckers.

Gosh that's really showing my age, but I loved that programme when I was a kidlet.

They didn't stay like this for long but it was so funny the way Fergus clambered to the high ground. At the moment most times Lottie settles he does this in some way, though right now he's a kip at my feet. I get wafts of earthworm as the little beast is a prodigious digger and is excavating the side path flower bed - I should have named him Dickie.

Everything is still ticking over, very quiet. Lots of reading, me and J. Knitting is all secret stuff so no pictures. No spinning as I have a painful toe (don't ask, it's just too daft for words). Looking forward to a long weekend - just maybe this weeks will be better than lasts - which was pretty abysmal to be honest. *sigh*


Allie said...

"Take a ticket for a journey!" That's a blast from the past.

Cute picture. Your doggies have us all going "aaaaah!" and we're not even doggy people. :-)

Batty said...

Doggie cuddles! Aaaaaaw!