Thursday, August 20, 2009

My chair and other stories

Not wanting to alarm anyone - spider content ahead but no pictures - if you don't like spider tales.....scroll down,

The picture above is of Tiny's (Salmon Pink Birdeater) tank. That is metal, quite thick metal, mesh. The hole is Tinys way of showing us he/she is bored. That hole took less than 2 hours and was almost big enough for an escape. Tiny is our largest spider *gulp*. He/she is now in a new tank with even thicker metal mesh - he/she has attempted to chew it and has so far failed *phew*. Why don't iPod or Nintendo make entertainment systems for bored tarantulas?
Lottie was actually asleep - eyes open, blue fing ensconced in her maw - when M took this. We removed it, with some difficulty, as she wasn't letting go and she must have had a dry tongue. She looked so funny as she tried to moisten it - lip smacking and chattering her jaw. Bizarre.

My chair. My lovely leather, comfy, perfect for knitting, reading, snoozing reclining chair. Stolen by a Bogeyman! He's still in it NOW. My chair. I love my chair and now it's lost to me....boohoo.

I think it's camo as you can hardly see him in it and he knows it's time to be groomed. Oh well I'll have to sit in M's one - they are identical but I swear mine is more comfy.


Jo said...

Be careful you don't sit on him! x

Batty said...

It happens. My cats are clawing the living daylights out of my $2000 couch. It's one of those facts of life... our critters steal the best spots.

dawny said...

hiya , just to say nice to find your blog , we home ed and knit too.