Thursday, August 06, 2009

Weddings, walkies and weirdos.

Monday saw us at the wedding of the super smooth Dan and the retro groovy Sam. It was a lovely relaxed ceremony and a really nice day all round. The D C & Aer's rounded it off with lunch at a local Italian - yum.

We've been walking a lot this week. Fergus's strength is improving so he can go further also we want to keep him busy as he has an ear mite infestation (we've been to the vets and got drops) and he worries his lugholes less when he's out sniffling about with Lottie.

You meet a lot of peeps dog walking. You meet a lot of weird peeps dog walking. Perhaps you have have to be a little strange to be walking across the Downs before 7.00am and after 7.00pm. I should fit in perfectly.

Got a nice quiet one today. Chores all done - thanks to Fungus being awake at 5.45am, even all the laundry is done and on the line. So I'm going to take advantage of the peace and quiet.

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