Thursday, August 06, 2009

A million slags dancing.

Peel back the layers and watch the slags dancing
Invisible morals dripping like acid
Dissolving the filaments, the thread of society.
Tip up the bottle and down with knickers
Turning a trick in a pool of vomit
No pleasure, just action. Writhing in bile.
Slumped in a gutter - eyelids fluttering
Sticky and dripping with the seed of a stranger,
One shoe missing, the other in danger.
But the slags are still dancing around their handbags,
Faces are melting, hair has gone stringy
Time of their lives, screams ‘Am I minging?’
Another bottle, another tune, another trick - over too quick.
Vile and degraded but shrieking with glee
‘I’ve had him and him. They’ve all had me!’
Needing to piss but too drunk to care
Chunks of kebab matted in hair.
But the slags are still dancing - it isn’t yet dawn
Squeeze out the last moments of riot and porn.
Who cares for tomorrow, our future, our life’s?
It’s all about now, all pleasure no pain.
Here is our future. What we have become
A million slags dancing and living for fun.


Anonymous said...

Why is there an apostrophe in the word slags?

peri said...

Because they were there where I copied and pasted it from - thank you teacher.

P.S Put your name to your comments in future or they will NOT be posted. I abhor cowards who hide behind anon!