Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Goodbye to K-PAX

Yay. Finished book 3 - the worlds of prot and prots report today. I've put a full review of all three on the Goodreads site. I love that site! (Please note prot does not use capitals apart from planet names/titles, so that wasn't me being lazy the book titles have no capitals in them.)

Ma bought me 10 - yes 10 - Antonia Fraser books that I haven't read for my birthday (all 10 for £4.99 from The Book People). It was providence she asked what I'd like, their catalogue was delivered that morning, I showed her and said "I'd like those please." And she said "OK, go order them and I'll give you the money." They were delivered yesterday. Providence.

J also ordered Fang by James Paterson from Ma's book club - it arrived Friday he passed it to me to read on Sunday - he'd finished it. So I'll read that and an AF at the same time, just haven't decided which AF to start with yet.

1st Pyro almost done. They will be for Ma (Mother's Day) as with the closing of the lace pattern across the top of the foot they are too long for my stubby little trotters - the colourway is much more her anyway.

Citron was cast on 13/02 and I'm on section 3. Did you see the Men's Downhill last night - bloody brilliant!

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