Friday, February 05, 2010


I love that word. And today I am wallowing in sock yarn. Kind of naff as it may seem I love the Yarn Harlots idea of her own sock club - using her stash. So today I am wallowing in my stash and collection of sock patterns (found 10 so far) and I am going to make myself a 'Very-Peri-12-month-Sock Club'. This will allow me to have 12 sets of yarn/patterns bagged up and ready to go. I can use up my stash, knit some of the patterns I've been meaning to do and revisit some favourites.

I am excited by this idea. They will be little packets of ready to go, socky goodness and the fun I am having trawling patterns and matching the designs with my stash is immense. I will even ball the yarn up ready so it will be a case of grab a bag and getting knitting....wheeeeeeeeeeee!

Plus I am so stoked on this idea it may make get my arse into gear and get Ma's 2nd sock on and off the needles in a jiffy. Number one is finished just need to get her to try it on for length - she has astoundingly long toes!

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