Monday, February 08, 2010

The shorn vomit comet.

Aka Fergus. M gave him a trim yesterday, he looks all cute and puppy like and actually more like a Scottie than ever. He has soft silky fur and is all snugly, problem is he smells of sick! Poor little boogar. He's such a dustbin hound and even now will eat poo, something he snaffled yesterday meant that last night was a case of "Tonight Matthew, I'm going to be the Duke of Puke!" Lottie is also a dustbin truffler and she had us up at 3.30am with the other end, she wakes us if she needs to go and we got her downstairs to the garden in time, but still there are days when I go off the whole concept of owning dogs! Now the cat just needs to hairball and I'll have the hat trick. Thank gourd the tarantulas do none of this!

M was on call this weekend so we had a quiet one. Nice. I finished listening to The Warden and started on Barchester to love Mrs Proudie. Am also listening (again) to Wuthering Heights.

Book wise still on K-PAX 3 - didn't read much.

Listened to a lot of music.

Knit on Pyroclastic - ooooo is pretty - nice pattern so far. Also worked on 2nd sock for Ma.

All the rest was boring, mundane stuff - like ironing.

Am loving the new David Dimbleby (sp?) series on One - fab. Also watching the Bible series on 4. Previous two have been really interesting (even though I'm a Humanist) but Anne Widdicombe last night was a disappointment plus OMG (lol) her voice!! WTF, scary.

Have quite a lot to do this week so better shift and get to it.

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