Friday, February 05, 2010


All bagged up, labelled, yarn and pattern filled (not all wound yet) - 12 months of sock knitting frolics.

So here's the list - they will be knit at random as I lucky dip them - some are going to be quite a challenge, others less so.

In no particular order......

1) Spring Forward by Linda Welch using Jitterbug Raphael. (revisited pattern)

2) Greensocks-no-Ham by Me using Lorna's Laces Andersonville. (revisited pattern)

3) Embossed Leaf by Mona Schmidt using Jitterbug Gauguin. (new knit)

4) Nutkin by Knitzi using Lime Green Jelly hand spun in a crushed berry. (revisited pattern)

5) Angee by Cookie A using Easyknits Bambo mix in Choc-choc-cherry. (new knit)

6) Cachoeira by Kristi Geraci using Lorna's Laces in Wisteria. (new knit)

7) Mermaids Lagoon by Sadie Bellegarde using Sockomoko in raspberry. (new knit)

8) Pollyjean by M J Kim using Kate Fords Hand dyed Sock Yarn. (new knit)

9) Hourglass by Bev Elicerio using Wibbo's Works in Salmon Run. (new knit)

10) Flicker by Cookie A using Brooklyn Hand spun in Cocco Rose. (revisited pattern)

11) Saviano by Yarnissima using The Knittery Moses Fire. (new knit)

and last but by no means least,

12) Pyroclastic by Marlowe Crawford using Lorna's Laces in Georgetown. (new knit)

I have had so much fun rootling about in my stash and pattern hoard today doing this. I can't wait to start.


Wibbo said...

I <3 Jitterbug Raphael!

Jo said...

Fun fun fun, so when do we find out which one is first?

Zib said...

What a great idea!