Monday, January 24, 2011

Sunset Socks

 Off the needles (finally) this weekend are the sunset colour socks that I've been knitting as a little giftie for my Mum. She is a knitter but her hands have been playing her up and she's not been knitting because of this and is always in need of new could I not?

The pattern in the Embossed Leaf one by Mona Schmidt from the book 'Favourite Socks'; the yarn is Superba Poem (or something like that) and the pattern was knit over 64 stitches on 2.75mm circular needles.

I made an extra pattern repeat on the leg as she likes her socks a little longer than I normally do them and a little longer in the toe for her slimline tootsies. They fit fine.
Also off the needles sock 1 of a plain pair in Regia World Circus sock yarn. Shorter leg for spring and an after thought heel. Sock number two has the rib done and a few rows of the leg.

I need to get stuff moving off the needles this week - so I have the plan to finish (g)nomeo mitt number two, make another headband and move this sock on a laid plans etc *insert crazy laughter here*.

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Anonymous said...

love both these socks, I've made the embossed leaves ones but feel the need to make another pair now!