Sunday, February 10, 2013


We had to cancel a meet up with some friends over Christmas, which was a shame, however they had got us a little giftie each. A wonderful of idea of giving us something that they owned and loved. As due to life the universe and everything we still haven't rearranged our get together, they sent us our gifts in the post. They arrived this week.

M received this amazing etched gourd from China with a pig on it. This was perfect not only because it was different and quirky, which suits M to a 'T', but also because M loves pigs! And I received two wonderful old books to add to my ever growing collection. One copy of 'Frankenstein', which is one of my favourite tales and the other of 'Lark Rise' which one of those books I have always meant to buy and read and never got around to it.

The books are in a lovely condition and have been loved and read - which to me - makes them even more special.

I find it amazing that these gifts show not only wonderful generosity but also that these friends know me better than some of the people who have been around all my life or for a good percentage of it.

I feel quite blessed to have such lovely people in my world.

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