Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Poor little blog, being ignored. I am a bad Dobby. I will go and shut my ears in the attic hatch forthwith.

There are reasons though. Firstly my laptop finally died a complete death and M's laptop has/had terminal droid rot so we had to invest in a new machine. This is my first proper go on it and am finding the new keyboard strange and Windows 8 a mystery.

Secondly, it was my birthday this weekend and we were just so busy, my little feet hardly touched the ground.

Thirdly, for my birthday I got a new Kindle Fire HD so I have been rather distracted by that...BTW I love it!

Finally, I just could not face trying to blog using M's lappy so had to wait until he decided which new one we'd invest in and, what with everything else, life just got in the way.

Normal service of inane drivel and waffle will resume shortly.

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