Sunday, February 03, 2013

More books.

Been doing lots of reading recently as TV is abysmal at the moment.

The Source by J B Stilwell
Format - Kindle

Vampire lit. I think this is a first book of a series that puts human and vampire scientists working together. It has a Trueblood theme that vampires are 'out' and kind of accepted in society but there are issues. It was an quick and OK read but I doubt I'd be in any rush to read the follow up.

The Threads that Bind and Unbound (Books 1 & 2 of the Havoc Chronicles) by Brant Williams
Format - Kindle

These are teen fiction but they are kind of good teen fiction. Different in the premise of the supernatural and I really quite enjoyed them. I think they are a kind of throw away trash fiction but for that style of book they are very good. Nice story telling with good imagery. Characterisation is good too.

Beauty and the Feast - by Julia Barrett
Format - Kindle

Mills and Boon meets cookery book. It made me hungry not horny. And the romance was very M&B. It's OK for a quick romantic read and the recipes in the back sound divine.

The Hundred Year Old Man who Climbed out of a Window and Disappeared - by Jonas Jonasson
Format - Kindle

Oh my how I loved this book. It ticked every box. It is weird, quirky, well written with good pace. I loved the main characters they fitted together like a jigsaw and the improbability of the whole idea is wonderful. I think this is book that needs to be read by everyone just because it does. From Stalin to elephants this book has it all. 10/10!

Don't Want to Miss a Thing - by Jill Mansell
Format - Kindle

I think everyone has an author that becomes the comfy joggers and blankie of their reading habits and Jill Mansell is mine. This latest offering from her doesn't disappoint on any level. It has sentences of lovely imagery that I think sometimes get lost in the pace of the characters lives and her story telling but they are there like little hidden gems or the free gift in the cereal box. Her characters in this book have a lovely mix of the gorgeous and the real, and gorgeous ones get nice doses of the 'rea'l thrown at them in some unusual ways, which show good humour and don't detract from the tale. I think this one is going to be one of my favourites of hers and is well worth a read if you like chick-lit with a bit more meat and humour than is often on display in this genre of fiction. She has a delightful quirkiness in her books which is very evident here and she ties up the characters tales well with no sense that she had to rush to fit them all in. Roll on her next book....I can't wait.

That's it so far. January reading is done and dusted - 12 books this month - not too bad.

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