Sunday, February 03, 2013

Other stuff aside from books......

Well where do I start?

Have found a part time job and that feels weird - hence less blogging. It might take my head a while to get used to the whole 'leaving the house to work' type thingy. Also being social in that respect feels weird to me - do I chat (which I can do and can be quite yappy at times) or not (am used to not chatting much during the day)? I don't want to be too talkative or appear unfriendly - also my mind is distracted by other stuff right now too as I am often lost in thought - gah! Am just playing it by ear.

Been writing a lot. It's a bit like hitting a vein in mining. Have found mine and the strike so far is a biggie. My mind is overwhelmed with words, phrases and ideas and I feel like I am drowning. It is kind of a nice feeling. But the timing of it is total shit....(see above.)

Been discussing and planning with M what we should grow this year - so far we have only decided 'no tomatoes' as they have been rubbish the last two years and require far more work than they yield. We've got no further than this in our 'growing' plans. Organised is NOT the right word at all.

Also been getting J's exams sorted and booked and trying to galvanise the lazy little booger into action - crowbar? Check. Winkle pin? Check. Lump hammer? Check. Motivational speech? Check. Loosing the will to live? Check!

Been creative. Warped the little loom today. Have a couple (or 6 things) on the needles. Got ideas for loads of stuff - need to just get on with it really. But life is so distracting right now.

Planning a couple of trips or short breaks with M and J. Now that is exciting. Not sure when yet - due to exams and M's work schedule but we have had some great ideas for get-aways for this year.

It's birthday month this month as well. No big ones for us this year but still it's a nice feeling and something to look forward being officially in my mid to late 40's now I'm over 45. Some days I feel like I am still 15 and others closer to bloomin 70! Oh well I am younger than M so can rub that in now and then - it all helps.

That's about it. Dogs both need a bath and haircuts but it's been too cold. Fergus smells like an old mouldy earth worm and Lottie just smells like a digestive biscuit. The spiders are spending their days sitting next to their heat mats, munching happily on the occasional cricket. Conkers is alternating mouse hunting in next doors compost heap and hibernating in the airing cupboard and poor ole Jazzy is getting old and it is starting to really show. I know Ma is  very worried about her - she is off to the vets this week for another check over.

Time now to throw a stew together, bake some blueberry muffins and then either curl up with a book and a glass of wine or maybe knit and watch the wonderful Prof 'Gelfing' Cox and his billions of billions and his lovely big fat Cheshire cat grin.

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