Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Great minds and all that.

I decided to knit a cuff from RYC Classic-art book 10. It took a blink of an eye. Then I saw that Ali (faerynuff) had made one too (very pretty).

Then on my blog hopping adventures I saw that Clerdy-yarner and Raeknits had also been dying this weekend - there must be something in the air.

I had some Jo Sharp undyed DK wool and I got me some Koolaid and the results are posted below. I had fun!


Two more survivor's from the cricket massacre - 1 more than half dead crawled out from under the TV on Saturday and we have one hiding in the spare room - we can hear him but can't see him. We may have to send in an elite squad ....... guess who ;0)
We have bought new crickets and have them in a safehouse - on top of the wardrobe in J's room. It should be too high for a small and adventurous kitten.

And as for the kitten - well he's really found his paws - up to maximum naughty now. He's been scat-catting all around the house. My lovely rug has been killed - at least 3 times a night. He found his way onto our bed this morning and marched up and down our bodies purring his little whiskers off.

Apart from that, well life toodles along quite nicely at the mo. Too much stuff to do and too little time - but that's normal.

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zib said...

EEK! Survivor! Fab dye job there Peri!