Wednesday, March 29, 2006

You may think it's funny bit it's snot!

So....we're still ill. J is better. Ma is slowly getting there. But M and I are still in the throes of snot, coughs and feeling like shit.

Drowning, as I slowly am, in ginger tea and my own mucus. I can honestly say that I've had better days.

I need more painkillers. I ache. I smell of vick. I am eternally pissed off with life, the universe and everything.

To top it all the kitty has been poorly too. A stomach upset (another visit to the vet) just what you need when you feel ill - cat diarrhoea. All I need now is for someone to vomit somewhere and my week will be complete.

Can't study, brain is mush. Need to write essay - pah and poohey!

Had to frog half a sweater front yesterday as I cocked it up - I reknit it in the same day. But I am so fed up with sitting on my arse but am to ill to do any different.

Dyed some more yarn at weekend and took stash/flash piccies ready for the 1st. Will post more etc when more human feeling (never then!).

I have never drunk so much tea in my life as I can't face coffee.

I want normal back "wahhhhhhhhhhhhhh" *stamps foot*


nanatoo said...

*hugs* 'cept I know you feel too ill for them. We feel exactly the same way and DD WAS sick this morning too because of all the congestion AND it's first knitting group tonight AND it's the wrong time of the month for me too. Feck!

This too shall pass :D

gourdongirl said...

Hope you get better soon....I can sympathize with you too as we have all been ill too, but I'm the only one who worked through it....but thats just what mums do......
{{{{HUGS}}}} to all.