Wednesday, March 08, 2006

I got me some goodies.

Yarn pR0n below!!!

Look at what Stick Chick sent me in a swap...all that Knit Picks yarn. I is one happy, drooling and petting little bunny today. I have the biggest smile.

And on Monday my new secret pal sent me giftees via Amazon. Three books, 'The Time Travellers Wife, Spin It (no more excuses for avoiding my drop spindle then) and Writers Block. Excuse me whilst I wax lyrical. I love Writers Block - it's a open anywhere book for inspiration. I haven't written creatively for a long time but since receiving this I have completed 4 pieces of prose. And I've enjoyed doing it! So a big "Thank You" to my secret pal.

Winnie is a lot better today - he's even woofed a bit.

We passed our CPL inspection and go to meet a little kitty boy tomorrow evening - keeping everything crossed.

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That's the best yarn pron I have seen in a long, long while. The tidepool alpaca cloud looks so good I want to snuffle in it like a dormouse.