Friday, March 17, 2006

The morning of the day after the event.

Just so you know only one other survivor has been recovered. Late last night he staggered out from under a drum and sat stunned and bemused. Lucky for him ninja boy was busy dispatching a feather duster, so we were able to remove the cricket without running interference.

This morning all was quiet on the lounge front. Just a couple of dusty paw prints on DH's amp (which we overlooked as youthful frolics). However, on his morning preamble, downstairs where the evil ones live. Connor came face to face with a Winnie dog - who in his spaced out, drug induced state walked straight past him. Ninja boy was ready, fighting stars drawn - but to no avail, the dachshund ambled past, oblivious. Feeling thwarted by this lack reaction the aforementioned feather duster copped it big time. The duster is now suitably chastised and ninja boy has retired to the kipping spot of all champions - the patchwork knitting bag. His claws are sharpened, his coat glistens and his little shitake mushroom nose shines. He dreams of his next battle with the grey speckled evil one (Killer Pixie) who he met yesterday. There was an exchange of language that turned the air blue resulting in a mega hiss from ninja boy and a (hasty) oops I mean dignified retreat upstairs - the old adage 'he who fights and runs away.....etc' applies.

I'm now off to stick the feathers back into the duster as I'm sure it will be needed for hit and run kitten strafing practice later.


zibibbo said...

What?? No photos of carnagae? Sheesh!

peri said...

It is very difficult to take photos, whilst hopping on one foot, yelling get them out of my wool NOW! But I promise that if it ever happens again I will get it photographed just for you zib ;0)