Monday, March 06, 2006

Ohhh a curly-whirly

Not a very flattering piccie (ugh!)
This scarf is a design by Sue Morgan and is knitted in Lorna's Shepherd Worsted. It took about 3 hours to make but I decided to add the flowers the following day. Great pattern - total bummer on the wrists casting on 700 stitches!

I have been so busy and life is manic, chaotic and hectic that I the only time I'm really knitting is at weekends. I have noticed that with these spurts of knitting time has developed the need for instant gratification knitting. I have WIP's a plenty of larger items, which are being neglected, as all I want is to whip up and complete a new project. I don't think it's too much of a bad thing and is probably just a phase.

I also made a little neck/hair tie that matches this and finally took a photo of my green Airy Scarf - that I adjusted the original pattern to make.

Non-knitting stuff.

I have been hitting the books big time and finishing the final edits of my essay. Life was smooth and then on Tuesday Winston one of the family dogs, suddenly screamed with pain and collapsed. He was rushed to the vets, who gave him many injections but had no idea what was wrong. I cancelled meeting Yuvee to go to the Hove SnB and mounted dog watch as the vet said if his gums and mouth didn't warm up and gain colour in the next hour then it was off to ITU in Lewes. We made it through the night, went back next day and he is slowly recovery...sort of. He's back at the vets again this morning. His abdomen is all tight and they don't know why...I'll keep you posted.

All this bought home the loss of Buster and I'm sorry to say made me really depressed. I became more aware of the emptiness of the house and missed having a furry little lap warmer. My boys were worried. I don't often do 'depressed'. So I called the local CPL (Cats Protection League) and enquired about rescuing a kitty. The lady has been very helpful. We have had a reference given by our vets and she's coming to do a home visit today. So I'm feeling a little more chipper and hope to have a new kitty friend soon.

I also felt fed up because my SP went AWOL. The wonderful sp gourdesses have reacted with lightening speed and solved my problem there and I have a new sp. who got in touch straight away *yay*. The problem was/is I feel awful for ratting my old sp, I have a feeling it was circumstances beyond her control that made he go AWOL and I didn't like feeling like a whinger but....well you know.

J has been a total arsehole the last week - he's 8 going on 15 and how I haven't kicked his peachy little butt I do not know. Talk about attitude and a clever (in his opinion) mouth. I have explained to him that he cannot win and my mouth is a 1000 times cleverer than his but he's still undetered. *sigh* He'll learn, he can't yet laugh at himself so I have ammo for when he becomes intolerable.

M is good and has been a kind bunny coping with his misery of a Mrs.

All the pets (apart from Win) are cool. The sticks have moulted and are big. The spiders are eating well. I had a little cuddle (sort of) with Dolly-dots the other day. She is such a cutie.

The veggie patch hasn't been touched yet and I have no idea where I'll find the time to do it - it may lay fallow this year.

I walked/ran 10 miles this week on my treadmill. Today is my rest day so that's why I have the time to blog.

Now it's time to hit the ole books again..............let us hope that this weeks topic is a bit more interesting....I actually feel asleep over one of them last week.

Later gators.


Allie said...

Sorry to hear about Winston - hope all goes ok. xx.

nanatoo said...

Hmm, I think that's major, that they can't laugh at themselves yet. We have that problem too. A lot of taking themselves very seriously at this age.

I made 2 curly whirlies from Sue's pattern too: one Lion and Lamb and one Bullfrogs and Butterflies. That casting on was a killer. Yours is lovely. I haven't tried flowers at all yet.

Sometimes you need the instant gratification knitting don't you? I find I go in phases.