Thursday, January 11, 2007

I think I still need more!

Here is my sock collection (minus two pairs which were on the airer, drying). I had feet on my mind yesterday....I know sounds a bit 'ewwww' but when something hurts like fuck, that's where the mind tends to focus. And as the night before at about a quarter to midnight I attempted to demolish the corner of the bedroom wall with the last two toes of my left foot twice (don't ask), I was foot obsessed as I hobbled about yesterday - no walkies for me and Loobles, no treadmill - just an awful lot of pain. Anyhoo, I digress. To cheer myself up I decided to photograph all my socks and socks in progress for me, and here they all are all (closer piccies in post below). I then worked out that I have now knitted 42 pairs in total (included those that I made for others - but not including Fuzzy Feet). Nothing really compared to the amazing sock-knitter extra-ordinary Stariel who has knitted 50....yes 50 pairs in a year. But I'm quite proud of my 42 in about 2 years - not bad hey.

And am I yet bored of knitting socks? No way Jose!

PS - my foot is less painful today -lots of painkillers and Arnica cream have helped plus being grump and shouting at everyone yesterday (for which I hereby apologise) have vented all my ire and spleen and I'm an again serene.


Anonymous said...

Wow, 42 pairs in 2 yrs! That's excellent. I've only done 4 pair since March myself. But my list of future sock projects grows almost every time I get on the net.

Thanks for sharing, and inspiring me to keep at it.

The link to your friends blog is not working for me, and I'd love to see what they have done and are doing.


Zonda said...

That's quite an accomplishment!!

Nah..not enough though..a girl's gotta be able to have a variety of socks to choose from! ;)

Sarah said...


I soooooo need that many pairs too.

But alas, I'm at only 5 pairs of my own.

Knit Faster!