Saturday, January 27, 2007

Still itchy.

My shringles, as J calls them, are still with me but fading fast. However the more they fade, the more they seem to itch like blue blazes. Due to feeling like shite, it's been a quiet week - lots of sitting on me bum knitting and sewing - sorry no pictures. I've knitted little bits and bobs - nothing spectacular, though I did finish sock 1 of Cookies marvellous 'Monkey' pattern (Knitty Winter 2006) - Beanie sent me some Knitpicks Merino sock yarn - oooooooo it's so soft and bouncy (bouncy, bouncy, bouncy - I like that word) it knits up lurverly and the variegated pattern so suits the design of this sock. It's such a great pattern - looks so complicated - but is so simple - Wonderful, sock bliss even. Now I want more Knitpicks Merino - soft and bouncy!

Other stuff - oooooo me and M are off on a hot date tomorrow night - food, wine, live music all with my sexy man. He's so sweet, he knows how grumpy I get when I feel poorly, so on Thursday he'd popped out to get some milk from the local Co-op and bought me back a red foil wrapped heart shaped chocolate lolly and yesterday he came home from work with a copy of a DVD I wanted. Today he and J have taken over all, yes ALL, the chores, including the laundry - major brownie points being earned!!

Only a week till we go away for our family break - wheeeeee - I am very excited. And, when we get back two wonderful Knitty friends are (fingers crossed) coming to visit - YAY - bouncy, bouncy, bouncy (bouncy as in happy excited bouncy). THEN a week later it's my birthday the BIG 40 - M has stuffed planned - oooooooo - I know his sister is throwing me a supper party type thingy. So I have lots and lots to look forward to. I need to focus on this cos the shringles make me very down and depressed!

Oh and before I forget - limited posts this week - as my computer was unwell. M thinks it's all fixed now *massive sigh of relief* but I will never, ever buy another computer from PC World as their Performance Package (insurance/cover) is NOT worth the paper it is written on and they are one of the most unhelpful, cretin employing companies I have ever dealt with. It may just be we were unlucky on National Let The Moron Answer the Phone Day - that we got Mr Unhelpful followed by Mr Stupid - but I don't think so. Perhaps it's just a local thing and the rest of PC World employees are helpful, polite and intelligent - answers on a postcard please.

That's about it - apart from if anyone would like some pink-winged stick insect babies please let us know (obviously local to us) as we now have 11 stickies and a few new babies that we don't really need - free to good homes ;0)

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