Sunday, January 14, 2007

Spider Husbandry.

The two smallest tarantulas have both moulted recently, so with their growth rate, they both needed new homes. Above is Tiny who will eventually be our largest spider approx 10" (if we're lucky). He is a not for certain a 'he' as it's too soon to tell but he sure did grow some with this moult. He's quite quick and still quite shy and this picture shows his pink hairs a treat. He is a Salmon Pink Birdeater.
This is Colemans - who after 3 moults is finally big enough to take a picture of. He now has about a 2" leg span, but is still quite wheeny (he should reach about an 8" span eventually). He's a Chaco Mustard Brown tarantuala - hence the name 'Colemans' - we just lurve their mustard! He's not too happy at the moment - this is the 1st time we've re-housed him in a proper a tank. I think he feels a little lost. He moulted this week. It was the first time that we've had a spider moult in the open - he made a web carpet - nice and thick- then flipped onto his back and lay, like he was a sunbathing (lol) - he lay like that for a while then it all started to happen. He writhed slightly for a while, then the bottom of his cepholathorax split and a new spider started to emerge. We crept around the house because vibrations can upset the process - and I always worry - I know they are only spiders - but I'm good a worrying! Anyway, as you can see he's hunky dory.

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