Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Of time, gyroscopes and snapshots.

We bought J a digital camera for Xmas. He has spent much of his holiday time taking photographs of all and sundry. Yesterday we walked to Rottingdean windmill and he took some really good shots. Then remembering we needed brambles for the stickies we headed off to Falmer pond. J again took some really good pictures and this is my favourite because I adore geese. I love the feather detail (when you enlarge the picture) and the way the winter afternoon light is caught on the water. As he's only had the camera just about 10 days, I'm impressed with his picture composition. Also it was so good to get out in the fresh air on such a crisp and windy day. I have had really bad agoraphobia the last couple of months. To go out like this is nothing to most people but to me it's a biggie. I have been trying to leave the house more but it's never easy. 2007 has no resolutions other than the intention to try and be happy with who/what/where I am and to take little steps to overcome my fear. J's enthusiasm for taking pictures may help as he is itching to get out and take more.

Mind you, yesterday he was also full of gyroscopes and gyroscopic principles. He spent most of the day doing experiments and recording his observations. He researched what gyroscopes are used for and how they work. He and M then had a long discussion with plenty of banter about the subject whilst comparing J's light weight gyroscope to M's metal one - well it kept them happy.

Yesterday was also the anniversary of M first asking me out - 24 years we've been dating - lol. It feels like time has just flashed by. I can still remember my 15 year old fears that he would never actually ask me out (we'd been friends for about 10 months) when he finally did - oh the relief. I never dreamt it would lead to marriage etc *sigh*. Of all the stupid, immature and daft things I have achieved in almost 40 years of life - I have never regretted that I found my soul- mate at such a young age.

What else did I achieve yesterday?
I cleaned out my study desk, recycled about 3 years of Uni notes. I organised my knitting patterns, notions and needles. I cleared the bookshelves of all the books that I know I will never re-read - scary there were loads. I cleaned, did laundry and the ironing (go me), I made home-made soup for lunch, cooked dinner (I know - shocking) to give M a break as he had a bad headache, played Up-word (love this game - late Xmas pressie for J - it's much more interesting than Scrabble - I'm torn now between this and Blockus - another pressie - also brilliant). Watched a film, read and snuggled with M - not too busy then.

So what does today hold?

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Allie said...

Happy New Year to you all.

I am very impressed with J's photo - a very classy shot.

Did I spy 'The Dragon's Eye' in J's pressie pile? L got it from my mum and loved it.