Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Squeee - lookie!

Squee=happy excited noise! Look what I got today from M. I've been saying I wanted to update my iPod mini as it must be very near the end of its battery life etc. And here is my early birthday pressie- a new iPod Nano! I am a lucky girl cos he has already paid for us all to go away next week as my present - so this is bunce (an extra).
M also got it engraved - this is one of favourite sayings and is soooo applicable to how I view my life. I may appear aimless but I am not - I know where I am.
Size comparison to mini - which I am loaning to J - once I take off all the explicit tracks and my Jane Austen collection collection etc. Though he's told me to leave on Frankenstein and Harry Potter - weird mix! I can't believe how big the mini now seems.
Here is J - with his Wednesday 'squeee; a new Beano! He's also nagging me to sort out the iPod mini for him so that is my next job.

I am a happy bunny ;0)


yuvee said...

Ooh lucky you!!! And happy birthday in advance too ;)

SiressYorkie said...

I had that same quote as a bumper sticker on my old Alfa. ALWAYS got a comment!! I think it's from Tolkein (?).