Sunday, April 29, 2007

Humbug is 'big-leggie'.

This was Humbug (Bumhug) when we first got him. He is a Giant Brazilian Black and White Tarantula.
This is Humbug today! Fresh from a moult - just about two weeks ago. This is only the 2nd time he has come out since. He fed last night and has stayed out since. What he is sitting on is half a coconut shell,which will give you some perspective of his size.
Sadly, in a way, he is a HE - so this is his bloom. He will not moult again and once he starts making sperm webs he will deteriorate gradually. He had massive clubs on his pedipalps and tibial spurs, so he is definitely all male. But no matter what he is one BIG magnificent spider!

In the 1st photo the pot he was sitting in was about the same size as the coconut shell! So he has grown some.


raeknits!_and_spins said...

Hi Peri! Ben thinks your spider is so cool! He was wondering how many eyes it has, and if it bites people. I love your yarn too! I remember my first "real" hank, and experienced the same thing, the change from the end of the bobbin, to the beginning. Now you've done one, you'll never stop!

LaBean said...

The handspun looks wonderful!! You're getting good at this. Humbug's such a BIG pretty boy. Were you hoping for a girlie so you can breed, or just for something new?

Sperm web? so you mean a female just comes by and Oops she's pregnant?

peri said...

To answer your questions Beany. Females live a whole lot longer - a male once mature is really at the end of his life, whereas a female tarantula can live for years -some up to 25!

The sperm web - works that the male makes the web, puts his sperm onto it (from his abdomen area) then sucks it up into the clubs on his pedipalps (the more stumpy front legs) he then uses these to mate with the female. They kind of rise up against each other, the male has spurs on these front legs to hold the female and he the inserts the sperm from the front legs into her abdomen area. I think that's about right - it's not the easiest thing in the world to watch and can be over really fast.

The male will make a number of sperm webs, then he starts tramping about looking for love until he snuffs it - with or without sex. A bit of a case of lovelorn and constipated!

Kathryn said...

You know, I love looking at the spiddy dudes, but I can't deal with them wandering about my house. Thanks for posting the fabulous pictures though. The Goddess is of the opinion that she likes them, even if they have hairy legs:)