Tuesday, April 10, 2007


This is some fleece that I bought from Fair Isle Fibres http://www.fairislefibers.co.uk/ the colourway is called Wizz - and it's even more delicious in real life.
Angela, who owns Fair Isle Fibres, is a total wizz herself with colours. These are bright and vibrant and the Corriedale fleece is soft and airy. This will be such a treat to spin and knit.
'Oh me Darlin. Oh me Darlin. Oh me Darlin Clementine.' All finished and beautifully modelled by a bush in the garden. I love this pattern. I would happily knit it again tomorrow, it has a rhythm to it that is blissful plus it's lovely to wear.
After the family decision for a quiet Easter - which was quiet in all but noise (5 girls aged 9-11, one large trampoline, 9 hours of screaming - you get my drift?) J spent many happy hours in the garden, grubbin about, getting soaked with his super soaker and learning to Pogo. This Pogo stick was my older sisters and was purchased in the 1960's and it still works (only for kiddie weights - M tried it and it became a non-pogo - so he had to go back to his super-whizzy grown up pogo stick.) My holiday was spent - sitting on my arse, knitting, spinning and reading - wonderful. We did visit M's older sister for dinner but apart from that we avoided the traffic and crowds and just enjoyed family time at home - lovely!
Conkers decided to help M change the sheets - isn't he a good kitty?

TRIOPS ** 4 still living! 1 very large named Biggie-smalls, 1 slightly smaller named Smallie-big - the other two are a bit smaller and their names change though J insists one is called Tiny-small. Two fairy shrimp - David (don't ask) and Fish - are thriving also. The 5th Triop has mysteriously disappeared without a trace - hmmmmm me thinks Biggie-smalls turned cannonball ;=)

Now my attention is required for a vicious game of swingball with the aforementioned pogo whizz kid, let us hope that my sore inflamed knee can cope with it!


yuvee said...

Gorgeous roving. Happy easter!

Zonda said...

Gorgeous Roving!! But your Clementime is fabulous!! Just lovely! Hehe..I miss my pogo stick, I used to jump all over my neighborhood with it!!