Wednesday, April 18, 2007

It's been a bit of a week. Perplexing is the best way to describe how it's felt. So here is a brief (ish) catch up.

Cousins to play - and play they did beautifully, no fights or disagreements.

M ill from Friday evening - still ill now actually off work - which is normally unheard of.

Knitting - spits and spats - same with spinning.

Reading lots.

Triops - down to 2. Fully grown and mature and now laying eggs. They are such weird little dudes - most bizarre.

Shoreham Farmers market - Yummy - venison sausages *slurp*.

Humbug - just finishing a moult. Other spiders just hanging.

Other critters - Loobles has terrible wind - geesh does her arse stink! Conkers escaped last night - goodness knows how - he's now restless and mewy, though right a this moment he's akipping on my bed on a pile of hand knit throws......ah the life!

Swimming pool - emptied and de-bugged - ready to be cleaned and filled.

Veggie patch - dug and planted by M this year as I fancied a break.

J happy and full of beans. Looking forward to a sleepover at cousins this weekend - M and I are looking forward to it too :=)

Blog - up to date!

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