Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Just a crazy mixed up post.

Finally finished my 2nd pair of Monkey Socks (from Knitty designed by Cookie). I love this pattern. Firstly it looks complicated but it isn't and secondly they stay up. I can't abide socks that go to sleep down your leg and Nora Batty around your ankles...ewwww! These are made in Regia Silk on 2.5mm ebony dpns. Please note - I was home alone (again - twice in as many days!!) and this photo is a solo effort invert on sofa!

I've started the 2nd half of Clementine - another lovely pattern, very satisfying. I have one other pair of socks on the go - an adaptation of Grumperinas IKSpring pattern Roza.

Finally on the knitting front, I brought some Rowan 4ply cotton to make 'Isabella' from Spring Knitty by Jordana Paige I know that I shall be casting on for this later today. Knitting ADHD strikes again!

Away from knitting now. I forget to mention in my last post that the boys - big and little - have, as it is warm and spring-like, hatched out some Triops/Aquasaurs...again. Last time we got one, named Triopy, this time we have 4/5, two of which are quite large already, the others look strong too which as good because apparently they can go cannibal! *mind boggles* We also have Daphynia nymphs and Fairy Shrimp. So my bedroom desk is now an aquarium and my sewing project (cool dress - groovy fabric from Sue ) is on hold. *sigh* I can use my machine in the kitchen as it doesn't need a foot pedal but it's just too chaotic and I can't settle for any period of time. The only other option is to use Ma's in the sewing room but as she is in card making mood - chaos reigns there too. Oh well, Triops only live 8/12 weeks, not too long to wait.

Ok if anyone has survived this post with the will to live still intact. Please take the time to peruse the wonderful montage/horror show below.
Just felt like a blast from the past....groovy baby!

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Laura said...

Those photos are great! I love the witch costume. You're so cute in all the photos.

thanks for your comment on my blog!