Saturday, March 31, 2007

Where has all the blogging gone.......

long time passing?

Well, it's been a busy week!

There has been knitting....1/2 a Clementine from IK Spring knit in HandMaiden silk/cashmere 4ply. Also Annie from popped over and taught me to spin. I spent the next day practising until I really felt I got it and got into it. Five hours later, one aching leg and hand later I thought I better stop. A big 'Thanks' to Annie she made it look easy.
Also this week I finally went the whole hog. This was my hair a year or so ago. It's gradually got shorter and shorter until....
This! Craptastic photo of me - J took it and really it's the best of a really rotten bunch. I always photo like a sick pig - it's cos I know this and that I never relax so each picture gets progressively worse. However, I am very happy with cut and novelty of hair that dries in 2 minutes.
Some of us had a relaxing week though..... look at those buttons - I kissed everyone of them and they may look strawberry flavoured but they're not - they are kitten boy flavoured!

And still there's more..... Glittrgirl came for a visit *YAY!* She arrived in a glamorous fizzy bubble Wednesday, shouted us a curry, got nicely squiffy with us on fizzy poo and Sailor Jerry's then disappeared back Oop North to Greebo on Thursday. We had a laugh!

I've also been good and am still running every other day. Though you can't see it in the aforementioned abysmal piccie, I've been told that I've lost quite a lot of podge *YAY! - again*

Tonight is another social event - I don't know it's like buses, none for hours then 3 come at once. I will need a quiet one next week to recover.

Also, if you get the chance give the new Ray LaMontagne album -'Till the Sun Turns Black' - a listen, it's excellent.

J is happy - new Dr Who starts tonight and this series has Daleks in it - total boy bliss and euphoria.

As promised - happier post and piccies ;-)

Have a good weekend Peeps!


yuvee said...

Oh, pretty pretty shawl!!
I just came back from my spinning lesson actually, can I drop by and steal your wheel ;p
Say hi first if we see each other next time, I'm afraid I won't recognise you with your cool new hair do!

Zonda said...

I love the shawl! That is actually one I've been thinking of trying! Your haircut is awesome! Oh how I'd love to have short hair day! Wonder how long we'll have to wait for the new Dr. Who...

Annie said...

Fab hair, missus!

glittrgirl said...

Great cut! It really suits you! And thanks for your hospitality!

Fee said...

Fabulous hair dahlink!!

However i cannot for the life of me work out which way up the cat goes, despite repeated examination, it still appears to ave 2 heads??