Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A little update.

Spider update - Coleman's moulted last night - oooooo he's really grown. He's still pumping himself up and is very still - I'm worried cos I just saw a live cricket in his tank - he obviously didn't want his last meal. Spiders after moult are vulnerable because they are soft, they shed their fangs and mouth lining and can't feed. A hungry cricket could nibble on a soft tarantula and cause some damage. The cricket is, unfortunately, underground (Coleman's buried himself in a little chamber to moult) the cricket is trying to enter this chamber *sigh*......I am loathe to disrupt the earth as he only moulted last night....I can only watch and wait I suppose.

Caught up with an old friend today - very nice we haven't chatted in a long time. It wasn't awkward at all and it felt as it always has.

2nd pirate hat almost complete - I made a bigger size - which is a better fit for me (shouts of 'big head' ring in my ears) so J has the 1st hat as his. He's happy. In fact he has spent today doing French vocab, reading 'The Further Adventures of Penrose the Mathematical Cat' and surfing around on Coolmath and BrainPop.

Went for a run - my knee is still dodgy - but managed a respectable 5 mins until pain stopped play - I find if I run little and often and stop as soon as any soreness occurs I can build up how long I run for. I've managed 4 mins yesterday so upping it a minute today was good.

House is tidy, laundry completed...just need to make a brew and feed the dog and I can fit in an hours knitting. So that's my plan for right now.

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