Thursday, March 15, 2007

Sods Law.

Sometimes you get weary, really weary. You know you've been doing too much, too often and your body cries "Sleep!" Well I've felt like that for a couple of days, so last night my body and I plumped for an early night.

Now, lets go back a bit. Firstly, yesterday I was gonna have a quiet restful day - pah - I had the fidgets and ended up doing loads. I didn't run though because I knew that I was too tired for that. I collapsed on the sofa, yawning at about 6.30ish, fighting to stay awake because that was too early to sleep. 8.00pm comes around, J's bedtime, he's complaining of tummy ache. So we send him to the loo, rub his tummy, give him a warm wheatbag, supply him with a lecture about his Anaconda eating habits (again - mayhap for the 100th time) and send him to bed. I struggle on manfully with a glass of wine until 8.45pm, apologise to M and go off to bed. I manage 3 pages of book. By 9.00pm I am sparko zzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

10.00pm my Mum comes home from a social. The dogs bark. She calls out, M answers that I'm in bed but up she comes anyway. I'm awake by now but laying doggo. She won a raffle prize of an electric food steamer which she wants to gift to us as we always steam (using a bamboo steamer) our veggies. That's so sweet, M thanks her, she goes. I wander in, zombie like, look briefly at steamer, kiss M, apologise for going back to bed and for snoring since 9.00pm *sigh*.

12.30am - J arrives. Tummy ache is worse. He's doubled over and crying and moaning. M and I do a bit of the good cop, bad cop thing to try and get a sensible answer as to where it hurts etc. It sounds like constipation (J has been prone to this in the past, it rings the right bells). Go down to kitchen, re-heat the wheat bag. Back upstairs, parenting stuff (you know - relax, it'll be all right, reassure, reassure). He can't go, offer Lacotolse - administer a small dose. Take him down to his room, tuck him in. Crawl back up the stairs, eyelids puffing and drooping...collapse zzzzzzz.

1.30am Hear downstairs toilet flush. Lay and listen...silence zzzzzzzz.

2.00am See light shine up the stairs, hear downstairs loo door slam. Lay and worry a bit. Get up and go see if it's J. It is. Talk to him through door, offer to wait til he's done, in case he needs me. Clear up downstairs loo. Re-heat wheatbag. Reassure, cuddle, settle. Find cat to make sure he's not shut in anyway. Go to the bathroom. Collapse, again, can't sleep. Listening, listening, dozing zzzzzz.

2.45am Bang! "Mum, Dad this is really serious!" (panic attack - imagining child shitting/vomitting blood) he's been ill again and managed to puke all over the downstairs bathroom floor whilst sitting on the loo. Thankfully, on one hand the floor is tiled - though he got both mats, on the other hand, it was a splatter bomb - walls, floors, pedestal - you name it, he got it. M manfully volunteers to clear up (gotta love him) I deal with a small boy, hunched on our loo with a bucket on his lap and in need of clean PJ's. The clean up took 45mins. I got boy settled, helped M, made tea. Went back to bed. Eventually we dozed off zzzzzzz.

4.10am I hear J up again. M goes to check it out. J feels better a bit, no longer feels sick. M comes back to bed, he zzzzzz. Me, I am so awake by now I can't sleep. I am lying there waiting for the next bout. The cat climbs on me purring and goes to sleep. The dog drops a fart bomb - that almost makes me throw up. I am awake. Last time I looked at the clock it was 5.30am.

Today, J is better, a bit weak and pale but essentially it's as if it has never happened. He has been given new rules about how he eats which I will enforce because Anaconda eating is going to stop. As for me it's as if I never had my early night. I ache, I am grumpy and I am even more tired.

I know it's not his fault, I'd never blame him in anyway. I blame sods law for this little beauty. Now I must away to wash PJ's and bathroom rugs etc and to look for some matchsticks to keep up eyelids up, at least until after tea tonight. I plan another early night tonight *sigh* I am wondering what will occur to fuck it up this time!

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Spinningfishwife said...

Lol....the joys of being a parent, no? I remember cleaning up child No2s puke while in early labour with Child No3....

Hope you get some sleep tonight. Use more alcohol, if necessary.....