Friday, March 09, 2007

Soundtrack to my life

Saw this at Suemoons blog stole it ;=)

If your life was a movie what would the soundtrack be?

It works like this;

Open your music library - e.g. iTunes etc.
Put it on shuffle.
Press play.
For every question type the song that playing.
When you go to a new ? press next button.
Don't tell porkies and try to be cool.

Some are appropriate and some are just funny!

Opening credits - So Far Away - Staind

Waking up - One Last Chance - James Morrison

1st day at school - Click, Click, Boom - Saliva

Falling in love - Place for My Head - Linkin Park

Fight song - Man or Animal - Audioslave

Breaking up - Don't Forget Me - RHCP

Prom - Shiver - Coldplay

Life - When I'm Gone - Eminem

Mental breakdown - Seen it all - Korn

Driving - Last Remaining Light - Audioslave

Flashback - When I Come Around - Greenday

Getting back together - Tibet (A passage to....) - Tibet Project

Losing your virginity - Omega - Stone Sour (I peed my pants laughing when this came up for this one - you need to hear it - it's a political rant about life/society aimed at the US - great for losing your cherry to!)

Wedding - As You Are - Travis

Birth of child - Chop Suey - SOAD (system of a down) - another one that made me laugh!

Final battle - The Blowers Daughter - Damien Rice

Death scene - Invincible - Muse

End credits - The Days Have Turned - John Frusciante


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