Saturday, March 17, 2007

New toy.

Meet my new best friend Lewis. Actually it's a Haldane Lewis which I won on eBay yesterday :=)

M and J went to Kent to collect it this morning and M has spent all afternoon spivving it up with lots of finishing wax. It's such a lovely thing, the wood is beautiful. It came with a lazy kate, 3 bobbins, a niddy noddy, The Ashford Book of Spinning and some fleece.

So now I just have to learn how to drive it hmmmmmmmmm therein could lie a problem I'm much better at learning if someone shows me - who knows if I Google I may find a video tuition - or perhaps a local spinner (Sussex, UK) may take pity on a dumb klutz like me.

Anyway, I am a happy bunny - I got this at such a good price for such a lovely machine.


yuvee said...

Oh, looks fun! I'll be taking a spinning lesson soon ;) Good luck in finding local spinner!

Annie said...

Peri, I've got a wheel too and I know the basics!
I'm not that far away, drop me a line (annieATupknitcreekDOTcoDOTuk) and I'm sure we could work something out