Friday, March 09, 2007

Perfect, moi? NO!

What is it with perfection hmmmmm? Why do we crave it so? Perfect hair, perfect bodies, perfect parents, perfect lives? What is wrong with appreciating what we've got? In fact wouldn't it be great to celebrate our imperfections, the little things that make us different from the plastic perfect people.

I have a problem with people who aspire to perfection - or their warped ideas of perfection. Doesn't it get your goat when you see all these so called perfect bodies/looks, that women in particular are meant to emulate, and what are these models of perfection doing or what are they known for? Shaking their bits on TV, in music videos, splurging their bods in lads mags and shagging football players. Tragic, plastic, uninspired, insipid, and people aspire to 'achieve' that? Why? And why are we so scared of looking like we have lived? What is wrong with saggy bits, grey bits and wrinkles? Those people who are botoxed scare the shit out of me - I swear they are all escapees from Mdm Tussards! I like my lived in face, I fully intend in the fairly near future to embrace the grey in my hair, I like my laughter lines !

So, after that mini rant, I intend today to embrace my many imperfections with gusto and glee! They stop me from being a plastic-wannabe clone and allow me to be, well me.

I am chubbily curvy, with a body of a 40 year old c.section Mum - who has big thighs and legs and a fat arse. Today I also have a zit (a rare event - but hey - lets celebrate my big period induced zit -you can't miss it!)

I have a grumpy face and outlook - I can easily look like a bulldog that has swallowed a wasp. I sometimes even look that on purpose to stop weirdos from asking me to do surveys in the street - works a treat.

I am an arsehole. I can be loud, opinionated, bloody minded, stroppy.

I am intolerant of idiots. In fact I am intolerant of lots of things.

If I think I'm right, I'm like a terrier with a bone.

I am sarcastic.

I have a sharp tongue.

I have a caustic wit and love to use it - though often feel it is pearls before swine.

I swear like a trooper. I also fart, burp and hic-cup.

I like to wear unmatching underwear.

These, to be honest, are some of my imperfections. I have many more. But they prove beyond a doubt that I am not and never will be a plastic aspirational. I am sure that all this crap that our society deems as important is stunting creativity and individuality. People are scared to be real and our kids are growing with the weirdest ideals.

So, go on, make a list, Embrace all your imperfections........I dare you!

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Annie said...

If only everyone thought the same as you. I most certainly do not aspire to be "perfect" and never will