Monday, March 26, 2007

You make your own karma.

I know this sounds like a load of new age cods, but funnily enough, I do actually buy into this concept.

Yesterday I was grumpy (see previous post) in fact I was beyond grumpy, though I did try very hard to internalise the grump within and shelter those I love from my foulness of being. My little ray of light, my silver lining was that fact that I was getting 2 & 1/2 hours kid free in the afternoon. M was taking J to L's birthday party (which I am reliably informed was brilliant). I had my afternoon all planned it involved an hour with the very complex book I am reading and then the rest of the time in front of a fav movie with plenty of knitting....sounds good? What karma did my grumpy bring I hear you cry? Well, Mother decided to inform me she was going for a walk with her GBF - just a short one - leaving her neurotic, never stops barking and yelping when left behind, Dachshund at home. She wouldn't be long, and the dog would be shut in her room and therefore wouldn't bark. Yeah right!

He barked and he barked and he barked - from baying to yelping, to scrabbling the door to throwing himself against it and yipping, without respite for the 2 hours + that she was out on her won't be long, short walk! I went downstairs to check the dog so many times I lost count, he didn't need a wee or a poo, I put him in his bed with his blankie and soothed and fussed him, I shouted at him and in the end gave up because all he wanted was his Mummy!

This is what my grump bought upon me. I didn't read a single page, I didn't watch a fav movie, I did knit but very little because I was fuming, I was spitting chips. I get so little time alone, so little time just to have quiet and do what I fancy - and it got fucked up. I was incandescent with rage. And did I get an apology? - did I fuck! I wouldn't mind normally but this is almost a daily occurrence. Off she swans for hours and I get left with a constantly barking wacko sausage!

She and I had the Mother ('scuse the pun) of all arguments. I am still annoyed and she is as light as a feather acting as if nothing has happened. And guess what? She's booked another day trip with her God squad cronies that leaves at 8.30am returns around 5.30pm and guess who's left to dog sit? - Did she ask was I ok with this? Did she check that I was home before she booked it? Again I answer - did she fuck!

I know she looks after my animals when we go camping but Loobles is not neurotic and only barks when there is something to bark at. In fact at her age she spends most days moving from sunny spot to sunny spot and kipping. Mother doesn't even have to walk her because her creaking joints are so bad that she can go a couple of days without walkies and be ok - the rest does her good.

Anyway, I digress. Then to top off my perfect day I then learn that a family members house has burnt down, with my 92 year Grandma inside, luckily no casualties - all cats and humans got rescued. My Mothers reaction to this - was to tell the person concerned all about her week and suggest she keeps her chin up! By this stage I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. When did Mother develop the sensitivity of a rhino? She's getting a little scary these days - it's like living with a stranger!

Ok rant numero 2 over - phew I needed to get that off my chest or it would've started to fester!
Next post will have A) picccies and B) be bright and breezy.................yeah right!!!

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SiressYorkie said...

What's to decide? Put that useless dog into a pillow case and tie it shut.

As for Mother Dearest...sugar pills in her shower head might get her head out of her arse...