Sunday, March 25, 2007

What do you get...(bad language warning)

every Spring when BST starts?

A very grumpy me!

Stop it now - I hate all this fucking about with the time. It totally messes with my body clock. Takes me at least week to adjust and get back on an even keel. And what is the point? That's a rhetorical question, by the way. I don't give a dustman's fart to be honest - I just hate it and want it to cease. In this modern age etc - why are we still doing something so fucking prehistoric? Another rhetorical question.

Every year this stupid custom fucks up my Sunday lie in. I woke up at BST 8.45am and realised that if I didn't get up and get at them then the whole day would be out of time - culminating in a late Sunday dinner and a late night for J - and his body clock getting fucked up. So at 8.45am BST I was up, in the real world this is 7.45am...on a Sunday....please and a WTF for good measure.

Plus before anyone mentions long summer evenings etc may I point out the following;

1) I hate the fucking summer!
2) I hate the fucking summer!

You can guess what 3 is.

On a more serious note though. Light summer evenings mean either a whining kid who can't sleep because it's still hot and broad daylight or having a kid have late nights - which I don't believe in. The sleep before midnight is the most beneficial and kids need sleep and after home-edding all day - with few breaks and respites - come 8.00pm I've had enough and it's then time for me to do what I'd like.

Then we all get used to long, long never ending, boiling hot sweaty days and evenings - when fuck me - they change it back again. What was the point of that then? It is just to fuck with your head, another control, another weird custom that is soooo past it's sell by date etc.

Make it stop.

(I do know why etc, I do understand the supposed necessity etc - but that doesn't mean I have to agree with it or like it).

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