Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I am a mole.....

and I live in a hole.
Conkers latest game. He hides under the patchwork quilt as you make the bed and then tunnels all around - like a little black mole - until he reaches the edge, then he just peeks out at us for ages. It makes finishing making the bed more interesting, hence the rather rumpled look in the photo. The awful crochet throw of squares is his blankie - 'Mr Heatie' which I put on the bed to tempt him out to no avail.

Other stuff.

I caught M's bug. I was nowhere near as ill as he was, but I was ill enough that most of the weekend I felt like sheeeeet. We did manage to make the most of J having a sleepover though. It wasn't until he'd gone and we felt a bit odd that I worked out that this was the 1st night we'd had without him in 15 months! He had a great time to but I think Auntie Z's ear took a bit of a bashing as J can talk for England............hmmmmmmm........wonder where he inherited that from?

Seasick Steve was ace - nuff said!

Have not done a lot of spinning as my bad knee flared up over the weekend and I spent a good deal of time rubbing ibuprofen gel onto it. But managed a little on Monday and intend to finish the pink merino if possible today or tomorrow.

Knitting - have 3 completed socks - all from different pairs! I just can't settle to my knitting at the moment. Though I did manage to finished the back of Isabella

One of the socks is a new design of my own which I am very excited about - it's probably the best pattern I've come up with. It's partner, alas, is only 1/8 completed *sigh* maybe today will be the day to finish it.

Due to illness life has been fairly boring and uneventful - sorry!

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