Sunday, April 13, 2008

Echos to the sound of

silence. I have lost my voice! Those of you who know me IRL know I enjoy a bit of a chat ;-D - understatement - when in the right frame of mind I can talk for England, at other times I can be quiet. But I dislike enforced silence. However to cheer me up, I finished plying Jo's fibre (see previous posts for links to her site) this is 72g Navajo plied but when this was taken not yet washed or weighted - tis now and is lovely and even, soft and the right thickness for socks. I am spinning the balance of the yarn - as my bobbin ran out of space and I had to stop part way through, I am half way through the balance.
Yesterday we went to Shoreham Farmers Market - spent way too much as usual - which wasn't helped by a little foray into my LYS. Two balls of Regia Sock Yarn in a colourway I've not come across previously and a ball of KSH in colour 606 (?). The latter is being used in conjunction with another colour of KSH and is knitting up in a very interesting way - I'll post further on that at a later date.

Still no pictures of finished set of handspun knitted up into beret (has been posted), Yarn Harlot scarf and mittens - I will do it - but life has been a tad manic - just for a a change.

Enjoy your Sunday.

P.S - do you like my elephants? I kind of collect them in a small way. These are pretty old and my Grandad who was a Royal Marine bought them home from abroad (he died when I was 3 and I don't remember him much) when I lost my Nana I rescued them and since them others have come my way. If you have elephant ornaments - always make sure they face an entrance or exit - be it window or door - it is bad luck if you don't. Strange I don't normally buy into stuff like that - but this is an exception to the rule.

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