Thursday, April 03, 2008

Of stuff

They moved! But seconds before this Lottie was washing Lou-Lou's ears and Loobles was leaning in with her eyes shut, loving it. It is slow progress but they are becoming more friendly and when Lottie is calm they rub along happy as anything - oh except for when she jumps in Loobles bed -which is a 'no-go' area for puppys!
Jo's fibre mid plying - it has progressed a bit more - but is still on the bobbin as life has interrupted.
I'm Navajo plying and the thickness is about a medium sock weight (yay) which is exactly where I want it to be. The photo's do not do the colours justice, they are rich and autumnal and will make beautiful socks.

I also finished my scarf from the pattern on Yarn Harlots blog
in my hand spun to match my beret (see a previous post) I now also have 1 completed matching mitten and have started the 2nd.

Socks - 1 Nutkin complete, 2nd one under way. Also have a new design of my own on the needles. Apart from that all other knitting including the Modern Henley is languishing - we are on holiday for a few days from Friday - I hope to find some knitting time then - though M's present to me of a Nintendo DS Lite my hamper this :-D

Finally, here's J (gosh he's growing so fast -11 in 3 months!) He adores using bakey clay and has inherited his Da's talent for modelling - this is Dennis the Menace from the Beano (he loves the Beano) he made other models but they are posted on his blog

I think he's a talented lad - if only that talent ran to keeping his shit pit under control *sigh*.

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