Monday, April 28, 2008

'Time you old countryman'

Time this pass week has flown - I know not where! Above is a ball of Artesano Hummingbird 4ply in Peregrine, I bought some of this for Ma's birthday way back in February - is very squooshy and pretty.

We have been a busy family recently, lots of visitors, socialising and other stuff - time for blogging has been limited and it looks like the next few weeks will continue in that vein. Quite providential really, as the the future of this blog is under examination. I have had an awful lot of nasty anon comments (which I no longer publish) recently which include personal attacks on me (don't understand how this can be unless the person/people doing this know me irl). Anyway, I am undecided whether it is worth carrying on in the blogsphere if that is the general opinion of my feeble efforts. It's been nice not blogging this past week - kind of like the metaphor of banging your head on a brick wall - it's nice when you stop!

I'm going to take stock over the next couple of weeks - see what occurs.


glittrgirl said...

I would understand your decision, but I love reading your blog! Please don't stop! If you are getting harrassed in your comments, and it must be someone you know, go to the police. They may be able to trace the culprit.

turtlegirl76 said...

Stupid anonymous people ruining it for the rest of us. Whatever you decide, I just hope that idiot gets a life after.

Jo said...

It makes me angry and upset to hear that your blog, and you are being attacked and abused by some lowlife, who is hiding behind an anonymous comment, but I will respect and understand your decision, whatever you decide, and know that we will still be able to keep in touch, blog or no blog, through ravelry, and e-mail.

yuvee said...

Destructive, anonymous criticism is stupid, please try to ignore them.
Anyway, on the brighter side, you won a prize! Email me please ;)