Friday, May 02, 2008

Got that Friday feeling?

I have. Long weekends - I love them. I treated myself this week to a new knitting bag (about time) my other one has seen better days and some. I have been coveting one of these bags for many moons - this one is called Mia and is by Mili - 'tis very lovely.
I also ordered some books (more details when they arrived) and treated myself to some yarn. My 1st ever order from Socktopus - "Wow!" I am impressed - great service - quick, efficient and personal too - lovely.
This sock yarn is from 'The Knittery' and is a handpaint from Australia. It's a merino, cashmere and nylon mix and the colourway is called 'Moses Fire' = perfect mix of hot reds, oranges and pinks. I still have a thing about this colour mix - even though my taste these days is straying towards more autumnal hues mixed with greens.
This was Lottsie-Botsie's chosen sleeping position last night - we called it the 'splat dog'. She'll be 21 weeks this Saturday and is really starting to turn into a lovely little girlie.
The night before she was incognito!

Thanks for all the nice comments - much appreciated.

Today is Lou-Lou's 13th birthday - I tried to get a good photo of her, but Granny (as she's now known) was having none of it. She's sleeping the morning away in her much adored smelly blankie, guarding her Kong and Eyeball toy from marauding Border-buggers. I worry lots as she is really showing her age now - she's a game old duck - but she's very grumpy, has chronic insomina then sleeps all day and creaks like an old wooden floor board - she's still my spotty puppy though.

Have lots to do this weekend - there is a massive food fayre at a favourite open air location, there is alpaca shearing nearby and a Robin Hood Festival at a local garden.....I don't think we'll fit it all in but will attempt to do as many as possible - weather permitting.

Have a lovely weekend.


turtlegirl76 said...

Oooh that's a pretty color yarn!

glittrgirl said...

The Border Marauder looks so sweet!!!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful bag and beautiful yarn! The colors of both look amazing