Friday, May 09, 2008


I don't do heat. Our house is hot and I mean hot! Rooms in the roof have that problem. So M bought me an air con unit - it is bliss. I get so grumpy when I overheat - worse than the worse ever PMT grumpy. I love it as much I love the Duet sock yarn I purchased from Socktopus - it's the skinny version.
Lovely autumnal colours - puts me in mind of CTH in its texture. The colours IRL are more muted.

I have spent happy hours this week reading 'Victorian Lace Today' by Jane Sowerby - not only amazing patterns but sooooo interesting. It's taken ages for Amazon to get it in stock again but is well worth the wait. I also started looking at Elizabeth Zimmerman's 'Knitters Almanac', another fascinating read.

We made a vet appointment for Lottie later this month as a pre-check for her to spayed and micro chipped. SIL has just had her Border done (Ruby is 4 weeks older than Lottie). We will delay it a couple of weeks because we are away on hols and I don't want to leave her post-operative. If she looks sad it's because she just got told off - she pooped in the house - she is 'meant' to clean now - but still throws a curve ball (a nice brown one) every now and then to keep me on my toes.
Not the best picture (I am a crap photographer) but when I drew back the bathroom curtains this morning (around 7.15am) the muslin's where covered with life! This green Lacewing for a start - isn't it pretty? I just read about them via Google - fascinating! There was also a yellow/ochre smaller Lacewing, a small beetle and two spiders. What made them all come indoors last night......insect vampires on the prowl? A need to use the loo? An urge to try out my new shower gel? We may never know the truth.

We have another busy weekend and week ahead - life is good but slightly manic (still). Have a lovely weekend.


Batty said...

Yuck, living under a roof is unpleasant. I used to live right under a flat roof in a cheap building, with a restaurant 3 floors down... it would get infernal. I feel for you, heat can really, really sap one's strength.

Pretty yarn, though!

SiressYorkie said...

I LOVE that word, "infernal". You can't just throw it round...have to use it at just the right time. Very lovely word! Thanks, Batty, for making this word nerd happy beyond explanation.

Peri, lacewings are lovely little critters. I once had one settle on my sleeve and wander round with me on a hike for ages. I wonder if they know how cute they are?