Thursday, May 29, 2008

A small soapbox moment....sorry...

plus some other stuff too.

I haven't ranted on here for a while - all the negativity made me shut down for a bit - but what the f**k - 'tis my blog and I will say what's on my mind etc.

So, if you a offended easily, please miss the next paragraph - thank you.

I know this is non-pc but what gives with peeps who are religious? Why because of the way I appear do they automatically assume that I am a Christian? Why is it OK for them to say 'God bless' to me - they wouldn't say it to someone who they might assume was Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist would they? No. Because they would judge that person beliefs by their outward appearance - saffron robes are a give away! And then another why - why do they get knickery when I ask them to refrain from this practice as to me it is offensive? Why is OK for them to ram their beliefs down my throat (metaphorically)? I wouldn't dream of telling them that it's a load of old bunkum and to stop being so gullible! I am 'not' tarring all Christan's with the same brush - but I have been accosted on the street more than once week by God squaders - if it's OK for them to shout out and God bother me in public then it should OK for me to stand next to them and tell them A) to piss off and get a life or B) that they are all demented for believing such utter tosh! Lucky for them I am a Humanist and would never dream of doing either because I respect their right to believe what they choose - why can't they show me the same respect I wonder?

*gets off soapbox*......OK it's safe from here on down.

Lottie went to the vet, her 'vulva' is still too immature to be spayed - so she goes back for another check in 2 weeks. I'd rather err on the side of caution here than run into health problems in later life. She weighs a whopping 7.20kg - the vet said "She's doing fine and is a well put together little dog." Actually she's a right guinea pig bothering cow bag at the moment - but we luvs her.

Cake is in the oven for tomorrow - keeping all crossed >. .< for good weather!

Oooo bought some lovely yarn - one lot of which I am *whispers* crocheting.

Lists are being complied for packing/laundry marathon - yay for holiers!!!

J is over excited about going away. I am worried about the animals (Ma is critter sitting) - she's great with them - but I always worry - I am sooooo going to miss Lotsie.

Ooo did you (if local) hear that storm the other night? - Massive! Loobles laid down beside my side of the bed and parped in fear - I ate shitcake! Lottie was a bit bemused, her first storm, she wasn't frightened but she didn't like it. It must have been bad cos Conkers jumped on the bed - he never bothers about storms normally.

That's it for now - yarn pR0n tomorrow if I get a chance to take photo's - if not ...sorry.


steph said...

You know, your post made me think.. I automatically say 'Bless you' when someone sneezes (I'm not religious, but my family is full of Irish Catholics)and I say it to all my students, regardless of religion (I teach in a school with a high number of Muslim students) They always reply with thankyou.

If anyone asked me not to, of course I would stop.. I do of course hate God botherers and am often baffled by their arguments.

SiressYorkie said...

Shitcake...cow bag...God squad...knickery...

Man, I don't even know what your post was about, but I loved reading the words...

Hehehhee...just kidding. I don't think people mean anything by saying God Bless. I'd just take it as a nice thing to say, nod, discard it, and go about your day knowing that at least it was kindly meant in a world where there's so much unkindness.

But if they're flinging it at you like "God blesses you, and you darned well better thank Him too..." that's a different kettle of crap.

I'd say to prepare a pile of leaflets and carry them round with you. That way if someone accosts you in the street, you can say, "Thanks for your viewpoint. And now, here's mine" and hand them a leaflet with YOUR beliefs and the website for The Church of the Sub Genius.

Oh, and stick a cork in your dog's butt. It won't stop the farts, but when she shoots the cork across the room, it'll give you something to laugh about.