Sunday, May 25, 2008


I wore my new shoes.
We took J and Lottie to Singleton Open Air museum. J was in charge of photos.
We saw lambs with waggly tails.
Lottie discovered geese and she wants one!
She quite fancies a chuck or two as well. She also saw horses, ducks, crows (again) and Carp. She met another Border and we met some other Border mad peeps - she was much admired.

It was hot, sunny and windy. We had a picnic, walked for miles, explored lots of history and bought a membership because we all love it there so much.

In evening we took Lottie to Ruby's house to play (J and the cousins played too - so did the grown-ups) but the two pups played for 3+ hours solid without respite! So today Lottie is 'tired', so many adventures for such a little girl. She's in the kitchen helping M cook Sunday lunch - hoping just maybe a little piece of beef may come her way.

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