Friday, May 23, 2008

Before and after!!!

Starting the day with that wind blown, carefree, scruffy look (she zonked out after her walk this morning - chasing crows is very tiring!).
This is Lottie before her first trip to the doggy hairdressers - she was excited to have someone to tell of her holiday plans and to discuss last nights episodes of 'The Dog Whisper' and 'Dog Borstal' with. *joke*

Enjoying a post hair cut biscuit - checking the groomer (Lucy - who is brilliant) had left her nose in tact! Look at the neat and tidy Border-marauder! She looks so grown up, sleek with neat toenails - even her curly monkey-bum has been trimmed. Lucy said she was very good, except for trying to gnash the hair dryer. I'm really pleased with her and it will be so much cooler for the summer than all that shaggy, wiry wildness of yesterday, wet shaggy, wiry, wildness of yesterday, Lottie loves water and spent most of the afternoon (after her walk) in her own version of a paddling pool killing the hose!


knitty_kitty said...


I have tagged you. You need to go and read my blog at for the rules.

Steph x

PS- Lottie is *gorgeous*.. I want one :)

Kathy Kathy Kathy said...

What a darling puppy girl.

glittrgirl said...

I am LottieBesotted.